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If it was not to be… Why this happen? You know when you have something that you wished for a long time… And you active that but then the thing just go away… And you discover that it was never yours… I don’t know what is worse… Had you and not having anymore or if I didn’t have you even a single time… Go fuck your self I’m tired off liking you… Come on… You are the complicate person in the world… You say things you don’t mean… You think you will never love someone as you loved her.. Oh come on boy… Love is the strangest feeling in the world, how can you say that after having only one love in your life… I was just not the person to show you that… And I can’t force you to having feelings for me… But I can slap you on the face for not kissing me but wanting a blowjob… Fuck you …. If you wanna fuck me just kiss me first please… I will stop everything until you have some respect toward my feeling and me… When you treat me like I deserve maybe you’ll have what you want… And if you just go more away than you are.. Oh my sweet boy what can I do? I’m tired off walking behind you… Its time to sped aside….

I know that I have a lot off mistakes in my English writing I’m sorry…

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